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It looks like stone coatings on steel are applied with the same adhesives/processes as on asphalt/fibreglass shingles. Should I assume that the lifetime of the coatings will be about the same?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As a manufacturer of these types of products I prefer to refer to them as granular coatings. Coloured stone chips are embedded into asphalt on the shingles unlike the process on metal where they are bonded on top of the steel with acrylics and then sealed with a clear acrylic and baked. Some companys apply direct to the steel and some have the steel washed and a primer applied first. This type of system has better granular adhesion than asphalt over time than with asphaly shingles as the asphalt starts to break down. The big differance is that under the granulars is a long lasting metalic substrate that keeps on protecting your home when asphalt shingles are burnt out.
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