flashing in a square vent on 5 v

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You all have been very helpful with my many questions so far on my upcomming installation of a 5 v roof. I am using southeast metal products. They have no information on their site or product manual regarding flashing a square vent. I called them and was advised to remove the vent and they gave me the types of flashing they have that would flash in the vent. Problem is I have good alround carpentry and mechanical skills but am on the bottom of the heap when it gets to roof flashing/ cuts. I started looking for other 5 v roofs with vents and will start looking for a book. Is there a book you know of that has all the basic cuts: drip edge inside and outside corners, ridge fold overs, as well as vents? thank you again. rich ambrum vero beach fla
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Rich, I will be real honest here and suggest that I would never work with a manufacturer who cannot tell me precisely how to install their product. That said, 5V is a fairly common product. Companies such as McElroy Metals and Fabral I believe have details for installation on their websites. They are both MRA members. Metal Sales Manufacturing is not an MRA member but they have some good details on their site as well.
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I just checked mcelroy and just sent them email. I can find neither application nor accessories on line.
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Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I concur with Todd. I always look for a product approval on a residential roofing product which dictates how to install. There are some common details that work with roof penetrations. 1) Install a lowere sheet to a point just abve the penetration cutting out for the pipe etc leaving 1 " space for movement. 2) Install the flashing be it pipe or vent over molding the flashing to fit the profile as best possible and embedding it in butyl tape sealant. 3) Install an upper sheet where the lower edge comes just past the centre of the pipe, etc again cutting out leaving enough room for rain/snow to move around the pipe. Bed the top in butyl tape as well. 4) Remeber that if it is a floating panel system, do not screw through into rthe deck as you will anchor it. 5) Make sure you tape the underlayment to the pipe to seal it.
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