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hello, i found the contractor that gave me a bid on my roof but not the manuf in your list. do you know anything about the metal from jmmetals in cocoa beach or sheffieldmetals in atanta??? i am on the barrier island in fl and need to verify corrosive factors and need manuf to present what i have read in your message board: 1. fl high velocity wind approval and 2. 90psf uplift test. the contractor that presented sheffield metal is a "Snap-together" placed over felt? i am worried about moisture since other roofers of shingle and metal have all said we should put down a poly ice/water shield and if one panel lifts on a "snap-together? do they all???what is best coating/metal for beachside to prevent corroding? thx, athena
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The Metal Construction Association ( has put together a Certification Program for metal roofing which certifies the quality of the base metal and coatings used in roofing products. I cannot speak to the particular suppliers you mention and, in fact, it is entirely possible that they offer various types of metals and coatings. However, you might want to confirm that the metal to be used on your home meets the requirements of the MCA program. As far as wind resistance, frankly, that information is based upon testing done on the particular panel profile being installed on your home. It will need to come from the company that manufactures the roofing. I am not sure I follow your question about underlayment. However, I always suggest an underlayment beneath roofing -- of any type. With metal roofing that rests largely against the underlayment, I suggest a slip sheet as well, or else use one of the new synthetic underlayments which acts both as underlayment and slip sheet. As far as the ice and watershield ... it is required over roof perimeter by code in many cases. Also, on lower pitch roofs it will be advised over the entire roof. I hope this helps some
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