Metal roof over 102 old vermont slate?

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Is there a product and/or method that is acceptable to the application of a new metal roof being placed over an existing 102 year old Vermont slate roof. The house is 3 stories high and 5 feet from neighbor on south side (yard on north side.) Here is my brain storm: 1.) Eliminate demo of slate, and the almost definite possibility of having to place 1/2 inch plywood sheathing over the whole roof= some saving that would 2.)bring a metal roof into approximate cost (understanding that material and potential labor costs could increase with metal). OR am I crazy to even contemplate it? Therefore the question is first, is there a logical construction method and corresponding product selection to do this. I can figure costs if I could find the method.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have seen this successfully done before. However, there aare a lot of variables and things have to be "just right" to allow this. This could probably best be accomplished with a "press-formed" metal roof such as a shake or tile profile product. I would suggest finding a product you like and then working with the manufacturer on this idea. You need to consult with your local building inspector to get their approval of what you propose. When the underlayment is applied over the slate, use as few fasteners as possible. Experiment with various fasteners before decising what works best and starting the job. Your best choice might be a self-drilling screw rather than a nail.
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