need plywood deck over skip-sheathing?

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I'm 60 miles north of San Francisco (summers 90-100 degrees, rainy winters but little frost), my house has wood shakes on 1x7 skip-sheathing with 4 inch gaps between them, about a 5-12 pitch, an asphalt shigle roof was overlayed 15 years ago. I'm looking to re-roof with metal, a complete tear-off is required due to code, there are plenty of soffit vents, no ridge venting. I was wondering if any metal roofs could go right on the skip-sheathing without adding plywood decking? I'm in earthquake country, trying to keep the weight to a minimum. Would there be any condensation issues in this climate? Thanks, Don
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I would add a ridge vent regardless. As far as the skip sheeting vs decking. Most manufacturers of residential metal roofing suggest solid deck for residential jobs. However, at this point, you need to choose a product and then work with the manufacturer to determine proper installation methods.
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Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, Todd. Don
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