Degrees of quality of metal roofs

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I need info on not only what types of metal roofing are available, but also the particular metal used, the thickness of the metal (gauge?), finish and style. The bottom line here is cost. We have a very limited budget but also have a auxillary building shingle roof (maybe 30 years old?) that is in extremely bad shape. We need to sell our home (which also needs reroofing astheically) and only a metal roof seems to make sense, partly because we are extremely rural and that seems to be what every one wants! In other words, we think it would be a very big selling point. We have no clue about how to make a choice. Thanks! Marie
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I'd look on STATEFARM.COM and find the section on roofing. They list various roofing products that are eligible for substantial insurance discounts in Hail prone areas. These are roofs that they think will stand up best to hail, in other words the most durable materials. If the state you live in is eligible for the discount, the roof would save money on homeowners insurance and be a selling point for the home.
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Thank you.
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