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The aluminum roof on the house we are buying was installed in 1977 we think. It is painted red. Can we have the roof repainted--and what, if any are the problems with doing that?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
In most cases, older metal roofs are very suitable for repainting. The only exception to this might be if the current paint finish is experiencing problems with maintaining strong adhesion to the metal. For repainting, you should clean the existing roof with light power washing using a light mixture of water, light detergent, and trisodium phosphate. After washing with this, rinse with clear water. A quality paint finish suitable for repainting metal is available from most quality paint stores such as Sherwin Williams. It might be wise to apply a primer and let it dry before proceeding with the top coat. Sherwin Williams Pro-Cryl primer is one possible choice. Both primer and top coat are probably best to be spray applied. If you want to use a very high quality finish, air dry Kynar / Hylar coatings are available. Most MRA member manufacturers can provide details on these upon request.
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