Galvalume metal roof repair.

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Hi MRA. I have a two year old aircraft hangar with a 1/12 pitch galvalume roof. Some roof panels (28 feet long) were damaged due to flying debris during a wind storm. Is it a satisfactory practice to put new sheets directly over the old sheets without some sort of venting gap? I suspect that we may cause a corrosion / moisture problem between the sheets if we do not remove the old sheets. Also, Since we are in the Western New Youk area any trapped water / moisture will freeze, perhaps pushing panels apart. What do you think. Is it unreasonable to remove the old sheets. Or is it a bad practice to put new sheets on top of existing sheets with out an air gap. Thank you. Doug....
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There really is only one answer to this question -- go back to the manufacturer of the roofing and make this inquiry, Do not proceed without their authorization. I do not want to give you advice here which might be different than what they say. Products should be used and installed only in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
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