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After Ivan I have decided to reroof my house. It has a sinlge layer of basic shingles and from what I've heard metal roofing could be placed right over it. Everytime I talk with a contractor and mention metal they seem to fall apart on me. The last one has said the cost of steel is so high that metal roofs are not an option for middle class people any more. What's up with that?
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This website is owned by the Metal Roofing Alliance, a coalition of competing roofing manufacturers and suppliers. It is against our anti-trust guiidelines to discuss pricing. However, I will say that metal roofing use is growing at a double-digit rate. Yes, metals prices are higher now than they were a year ago but thre are very few basic commodities which are not higher than they were. Find an experienced metal roofing contractor, eitehr by using the Find A Contractor section of this website or by contacting manufacturers of products you like and checking with them.
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Hi Todd, I can't seem to find historical data showing the trend in metal prices over the last 10 years. I'm wondering whether the recent drop in gas and other commodities will have an effect on metal prices and eventually metal roofing. Do you guys have any historical metal prices ? Is 2009 an opportunity for metal roofing companies and customers ? Perhaps, this kind of general economic question on material cost is within your charter ) We are hoping to build in 2009 and will be making a choice of roofing material in the next 2 months. thanks, Kathy
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yes the cost of steel is coming down. the initial cost of a metal roof maybe slightly higher. There is no better economical choice in my opinion than to invest in a metal roof. Your heating cooling cost your insurance cost and maintenance cost are all possible ways of saving you money in the future. Make sure you pick a capable contractor and look into energy star rated steel products
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