Winds over 155mph - Which roof?

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I need to get a flat metal roof, since I will be using roll out solar laminate (photovoltaics) on it. The solar laminate adhesive is rated to 160mph winds, but the metal roof itself needs to be able to withstand that as well. The solar laminate sticks to the metal roof. What "type" (please be very specific) of metal roof should I buy, and at what slope should my roof be, to best withstand the hurricanes? I need to decide on this before they can start building my new house. I live in SW florida where we just got hit by 140mph direct winds. Please email me your thoughts on this, I don't have a chance to check this website very often, thanx :) -ken
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Ken, Finding a metal roof which has passed 90 psf testing will be wise. 90 psf is the equivalent of winds in excess of 160 mph. Individual roofing manufacturers can provide you with their test data. Sometimes additional fasteners can be used during roof installation to help wind resistance. As for the PV stuff ... your supplier of the pv stuff should be able to give you a list of companies manufacturing products that work with their sheets. I know that at least one of our member manufacturers, ATAS International, has worked with the PV sheets.
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