David Pike
I am installing, all by myself, ribbed sheets of steel (32 in by 13 ft) on my 10 in 12 roof, using 2 in screws 12 inches apart along the ribs. Along the roof peak there is to be strip of venting mesh, placed on top of the ends of the sheets of roofing, and under the ridge cap (13 in wide by 10 ft long). Longer screws are to secure the ridge cap to the underlying strapping. My problem is figuring out where to stand while I secure the ridge cap. The roof is much to steep to stand on and my wings are getting tired. David Pike
Guest User
David, I would look for a way to stand securely and safely on the roof on either side of the ridge. Is there a major issue in walking on the roof?
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Hi, I came across the same situtation when I installed the roof on my garage this summer; no one I talked to really knew what to do. Here's what I came up with: My roof has 4/12 trusses on 4' centers, purlins on 3 foot centers, no underlayment besides 1/4" foam for condensation. I screwed 2 short 2x4's vertically into the gable ends, maybe 20" down from the peak. My roof is 38' long, so I attached 2 2x4's 20' long together and set them on the roof, then screwed them into the short boards. Plus, I used another 20' 2x4 to prop the middle of each side, and braced those with short 2x4's on the eave ends. Can you picture it? This gave my feet a place to stop sliding. The sides of my shoes were bumping against the board while I straddled the peak. Worked great; by the end my feet were sore, bu I was still alive.
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what is the insulation you put under the ridge cap and where do you get it
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am not certain what you're seeking but does www.profilevent.com help you?
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