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Hi..I live in Maryland's Eastern Shore and last year replaced a low slope porch roof of about 900 SF with a metal standing seam roof product. I could not get any of your contractors to pay me the time of day, so I used a young fellow who said he knew how to install such roofing. He used a Fabral product. I have vinyl/alumninum siding on the house. My problem is this brand new 7000 dollar porch roof leaks below one of the second story windows and it is driving me crazy. I think it has to do with flashing. I do know the young man removed four courses of aluminum siding before installing the roof and that all seems fine. But there is a big piece of L-shaped folding flashing all around where the roof meets the house that appears to allow water/rain to enter under the windows. I know this is all pretty general, but does anyone have any insight for me?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Linda, Areas where a window comes down against a roofline can be very tricky. It sounds like maybe that is what you have? Can you email me a photo please? My email is [email protected] Also, Fabral is an MRA member. Their website is You may wish to contact them about this.
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