Furring strip sapacing additional question...

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I will be using regular Home Depot style 29 gauge 3' wide ribbed steel. I am curious to know the spacing and perhaps the pattern you suggest?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I did not know that Home Depot had their own metal roofing. You need to watch that it is material designed for roofing and ask about the metal substrate and paint as their are differant qualities. Best choose a product and then contact the manufacturer and ask them about the materials, warranty and instalation. Most roofing products are required to have a product apprval that shows is has been tested and reviewed to the building codes and includes specific application and fastening instructions.
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I live in the tropics of N. Central Florida...have contracted for, and had my long awaited metal roofing supplies delivered (26 gauge) along with an R-12 (I think) very nice insulation product. I have a qualified contractor who will install. A visitor yesterday said that the insulation I had sitting there was "excellent..the best"..but needed to have a space between it and the roof (done with furring strips) to be most effective. I don't recall furring strips being delivered...I will call the contractor today, but would like another opinion. Thanks! Appreciate the site and the service. Deena, Inverness,Fl
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Deena, I cannot answer this question as it falls within what the roofing manufacturer requires for the proper installation of their products. You will need to contact them and make that inquiry.
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