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the vertical panels are very pretty when new--how long does the paint stay shiney and new looking? do they go to powder? how much maintainence is required? are the colors on the stone coated ones more long lasting? do any of these go rusty? we live in western ny with mega snowstorms. and last of all, is it within the realm of reality for the homeowner to instal on their own for greater savings? we built our own home, so have some experience--thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Virtually all products from your car to roofing start to chalk and fade as they weather. There are a number of paint systems available from low duty for agricultural purposes up to high performance PVDF and SMP sysytems that are recommended for residential roofing. If you chose one of these two then it should come with a 25-30 year paint warranty. The ag finishes do not fare well in urban environments. Washing them with a toucless carwash type soap will help keep them looking new. Most granular coated roofing uses coloured stone. Ours as example uses ceramic pigments and is fired at high temps so the colour resists chaulk and fade the best. You are however still faced with polution which dulls the finish in certain locals. Again a washing helps keep them looking new. If you bought a painted product it should have a minimum G90 zinc coating or AZ 50 aluminum/zinc on the steel. The AZ 50 performes much longer in an exposed condition than G90. AZ50 has over 35years of exposure. There are many types of metal roofing that are available for the DIY market. Choose the product you like and check that it carries a product approval that shows it has been tested and reviewed to the code. Choosing a metal roof is a lifetime decision so take your time and investigate thouroughly so you can make an educated decision. Good Luck.
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