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Greetings to every-one on the panel, Unfortunately, I am trying to solve a problem for a resident who has violated the conevant's of our Home Owners Assc. . The Covenets State that the only roofing material can be composite asphalte shingle. The new home owner went ahead and put on on a Verticle Panel roof. If he would have applied through the Assc. he would have been told not to use the Verticle Panel and look possibly at the Metla Shingle or Shake, now their roof is almost finished and there are lots of problems. According to this web site I see a Granular Finish option, is this possible to be added after the panels have been placed on the roof? I apologize for the length of my question but I am trying to find some middle ground for both parties. I understand the benefit of metal roofs, but we have a certain style that our neighborhood is maintaining and our rules are very clear. I hope you can offer a solution besides letting him continue. Thank you and very respectfully.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It is too bad that that it is wrong to but on a better roof. Post coating of metal roofs with a granular finish has been done for many years in Canada and more recently in the USA. Depending on the roof configuration, it may be difficult however it could be as simple as spraying the roof with asphalt, blending up shingle stone to a selected colour and broadcasting it on. Same holds true with using an acrylic binder which is better but more difficult and complicated. One then needs to decide if the final look meets everyones needs. He may be better to purchase a single ply granular surfaced membrane and adhere it in the flats of the panels. It could be cut to the correct width and layed in. This would provide a more consistant level of finish. Some are self adhering. I would contact a roofing wholesale supply or a commercial roofer to investigate. This seems so silly especially when an asphalt shingle roof relies on metal at the critical areas to flash the roof.
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