Click lock vs. bending for Standing Seam roofs

bryce reichardt
In choosing a standing seam roof, I am inclined to go with one that has a click-lock style of attachment at the seams, to avoid what might be an irregular appearing seam when a bender is used to connect panels. Does this tend to be the case?
Guest User
Hand-crimped seams, especially if not done carefully, can show some irregularities. However, panels which are mechanically seamed, meaning that a mechanical seamer is run down them after they are in place, usually have pretty straight seams. Keep in mind that typically these two types of products will have different requirements in terms of substrate, minimum pitch, etc.
Scott Wilmot
What are some companies that design/supply metal roof systems that use mechanically seamed joint systems? I was shown a sample by an architect that had a satin zinc plated look (beautiful) with the standing seam crimped down completely and perfectly square to the flat roof surface. I do not like the look of the "snap into place" type standing seam systems I have seen (look cheap/fast and as though water could blow under them in bad winds) I believe it was a European company but am unable to locate the fabrication system. Any help?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am not sure what you saw but I can suggest the following: 1) Review the products manufactured by companies that are members of this association. 2) Google search for "commercial metal roofing" 3) Google search for "Zinc roofing" I hope this helps.
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