What type of gutter/drainage system on a metal roo

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What type of gutter/drainage system should be employed for a metal roof? The house we're looking at has a metal roof with no gutters or drainage. It appears that water has really poured off the two corners where the house meets the double carport and has etched it's own path of exit through the yard.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Any standard gutter system which attaches into the fascia board with either brackets or spikes and ferrules should work fine with the roof on your home. I would advise against using systems that employ straps which attach to the roof deck. Feel free to contaact us again if there are particular issues that would prevent you from using fasteners into the fascia. I will add that gutters should be mounted as high as possible and should have a positive slope for drainage. Additionally, since your roof seems to direct a lot of water into particular areas, I would consider a 6" gutter system rather than the standard 5".
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