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hi i have a building thats 102 foot long on the roof and is 7 in 12 pitch and 15 both sides, ridge down direct center of length of building, ther eis only one addition at one end of the side of the building 40'L x 10'W and islaid out paralell next to building along eves of main part of building, the roof over that adition comes down same as main 7 in 12 roof but it is more like around 3 in 12 pitch lean to i need to find out where to get metal panels, and parts, and how to convert from conventional 36" long three tab shingle roof with mid 1940's era 3/4" boards decking(boards not gapped apart at all) i have no idea where ot find such material in central IL and how to install pieces related to it, including flashing around pipes, eves and gable ends trims, preparation, etc. thanks for anything at all, for your time and info i should be able to come up with a couple different pictures of the building and its roof to scan- if it may help any ? i need to metal panel the exterior walls of the building too, leanr how to trim around windows and doors and along bottom of walls at top of foundationm walls and above ?? finsish and trim for eaves ? thanks randy [email protected]
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Randy, Really, you have come to the right place. By using the Find A Contractor section of, you can search for contractors and material suppliers in your area. Additionally, on the site, you can look at different types of products and then link to the manufacturers of products which interest to you. If you contact any of thsoe manufacturers direct, they can provide specific information concerning how their products would install on your building and also concerning product availability. Regarding going over your old roof, many metal roofs, especially the more heavily formed ones, are ideal for going over your old shingles along with new underlayment. My one concern is this -- I am curious whether your roof might be asbestos rather than three-tab asphalt shingles. If it is asbestos, you will need to bring that issue up with the metal roofing manufacturers to see what they say.
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