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I am installing a chiminey on my cabin from a wood stove could you show me how to intalled the flashing its on coregated steel roof
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
We first recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the roofing to get their recommendations and the building department as most wood stove installations now require a permit and to comply with insurance requirements. Having said lets assume the roof is already there. If it is an insulated chimney flue, then there are high heat silconized rubber boots that can be slid down over the flue, moulded to the profile, set in a bead of butyl sealand and stich screwed to the metal roofing. Hopefully the chinmey location is not on a side lap of the sheets as the water can back up and enter the lap. If this is the case then you will need to remove the screws to lift the sheet and place butyl tape in the joint on a slight angle in from the exposed lower edge for about 2 feet. Alternately, have a jack flashing made with a large base. Cut the hole for the chimney about 1" larger, then cut the sheet in half (side to side)about 1" above centre of the opening. Remove the upper sheet, install the flashing over the lower sheet and reinstall the upper sheet cuttint the opening about 3" from the pipe. You will need to work with the sheets and the flashing to form it to fit and use foam closures to seal the openings.
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