How often should you coat a metal roof?

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We are considering buying an 11-year old house that has a metal roof on it. I've been told by someone who has a metal roof that it should be coated every 10 years and it's probably never been done on this house. Is this 10 year figure correct, or does it depend on just which type of metal roof you have? This one is a paneled roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You are correct in that this depends upon the type of paint system that is on the roof. I would really suggest a visual inspection and recommendation by an experienced metal roofing contractor. You can use the "Locate a Contractor" feature of this website to find experienced contractors in your area. There are, by the way, many metal roofs being produced today utilizing top quality paint systems that can easily be expected to provide many more than just ten or eleven years of maintenance-free protection and beauty.
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