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I just purchased my first house that currently has a 32 year old tile roof. It has come to my attention that when I replace it I will be forced to put on another tile roof due to deed restrictions. The average house in the subdivision is probably around $130,000 so we are not talking about million dollar homes. I was hoping someone could help me get information that will help me prove that tile roofs are no longer superior to other types of roofs. Besides aesthetic value, I don’t see any additional value in them. I live about 100 miles from where hurricane Charlie hit and in some parts on Punta Gorda, they have removed this restriction for those rebuilding due to the harm the tiles have caused, I am trying to plan ahead because I don’t see the sense in spending $10,000 on a tile roof when I can get a real nice one for $5000. Thanks in advance, Robert Poe
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Metal roofing's benefits are so numerous -- low weight, energy efficiency, wind resistance, durability, good looks, lasting beauty, etc. If you email me directly, I can get you a copy of an industry presentation which has been put together specifically for HOAs and review boards. The Metal Construction Association (MCA -- is in the process of starting a Certified Metal Roofing Panel program. This program certifies metal roofing panels which meet specific criteria in terms of base metal and coatings. We feel that these levels of quality are important for residential application. I would suggest writing into your specifications that any metal roofing used in your neighborhood meet or exceed the MCA standards for Certified Panels. Furthermore, other associations have written in that they wnat their metal roofs to have a certain look -- such as a vertical seam look, a shake look, a tile look, etc. By using this website, you can explore the various available "looks" of metal roofing and determine whether you want to restrict your neighborhood to a certain "look" in regards to metal roofing. I believe that any of our member manufacturers, if contacted directly, will be glad to assist with getting metal approved for your neighborhood. I have been involved in several such initiatives in the past, almost always with the end result of metal being accepted for use. Todd Miller [email protected]
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