South Atlantic Region

Quality metal roofing offers benefits for any size home in the South Atlantic. Not only is it the best investment and boosts your home’s value, but it can also increase longevity, is more energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Continue on below to gain more information on what styles are most popular, what to expect in bad weather conditions, and how well quality metal roofs perform.

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Popular Trends In Your Area

Quality residential metal roofs are available in a wide variety of styles, types, and colors. This includes metal slate, vertical panel, natural metals in varying metal materials such as steel, aluminum and copper. However, in the South-atlantic the most popular styles are metal tile, standing seam, and metal shingle. While the most popular colors are typically white, gray, or lighter colors; also known as “cool” coatings. These typically repel heat and minimize heating and cooling loads which equates to cost savings for homeowners.

If you’re a Florida resident, you can take advantage of the ‘My Safe Home Program’ for savings when upgrading your roof to protect your home against hurricanes. Check it out for more information and see if your home qualifies.

Metal Roofing Coatings & Colors

Choosing a color for your home’s roof can have a huge impact on your home’s overall aesthetic. With a quality metal roof, the color choices are virtually limitless meaning you can select from a wide variety of options or work with your installer on a custom-designed look. Click the link below to learn some considerations when selecting your roof color.

Reliability During Severe Weather Conditions

Unlike other roofing styles, a properly constructed metal roof can handle almost everything Mother Nature can bring. Metal roofing can protect your home during severe hurricanes and highwinds all with minimal maintenance. Click the link below to discover what you should consider for metal shingle and metal slate roofings styles.

High Performance Quality Roofing

Residing in the South means preparing for hurricane season. Selecting a roof that can withstand high winds and flying debris is crucial. Metal roofing systems have proven their durability in winds exceeding 140 mph (equal to an F2 tornado) and offer excellent protection against impact damage. Contrary to common belief, metal roofs are not louder during rain or adverse weather compared to other roofing materials.

Hail: Each year, hail causes about 1.6 billion dollars worth of damage to residential roofs in the United States. For more information on how metal roofing can stand up to damaging hailstorms, download the brochure below.

Resilient Roofing Considerations

The right mix of materials and design can mean the difference between survival and total loss. Download our brochure to learn more on what makes a home resilient.

After last year’s scorching summer, how to best beat the heat is top of mind for many U.S. and Canadian homeowners, especially during prime re-roofing season.


Quality metal roofing is known for its exceptional performance and is a smart choice for marine environments, but attention to detail is a must. Read our article to learn more on why this is so important for your home.

After the 2022 storm season and hurricanes like Ida, homeowners faced not only destruction but also the nightmare of shoddy workmanship and low-quality repairs.

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Metal Roof Visualizer

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Comparing Roof Types

Inspirational Metal Roofs

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 Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide

Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide

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