Cool-Metal Roofing

The most effective energy-saving finish for metal roofing is commonly referred to as cool-metal roofing. This highly reflective coating uses cool pigments in the paint to increase solar reflectance and lower the surface temperature of the roof. Cool-metal roofing systems help reduce the energy need of air conditioned buildings and makes unconditioned buildings more comfortable. Many cool-metal roofing systems are also ENERGY STARⓇ certified and may qualify for tax incentives.

Passive House Ready

At the highest rank of energy efficient homes stands the Passive House Institutes Certification. Due to metal roofing’s incredibly efficient solar reflectance and thermal emittance, metal is the ideal roofing material for the construction of a net-zero energy home. Metal roofing is also Passive House ready in several key areas:

  • Metal roofs protect their insulation backup better which ensures strong long-term thermal resistance.
  • Passive House Certification requires airtight construction which is one of the benefits of the inherent air barrier quality of metal panels.
  • Metal roofing is a perfect candidate for high efficiency windows and skylights which maintain certification qualities.

Solar Friendly

Installing Solar Panels on Metal Roofing is Easy

Solar energy panels can easily be installed on metal roofs, sometimes even with attachment solutions that do not penetrate the roof system. Since the service life of the metal outlasts the service life of the solar energy system, installations can occur even on existing metal roofs. The ease of installation, roof cooling maximization, and long lasting durability of the metal roofing under your solar panels make solar an easy upgrade for your home with countless benefits.

Check out our brochure below for more information on how metal roofing is a natural choice for mounting solar PV.

How Does a Cool Roof Save Energy?

A cool roof is a roof that reflects more solar energy away from its surface and more efficiently radiates absorbed heat away from the building than other roofs.

Download the informational PDF from the Cool Roof Rating Council and learn about the benefits of a cool roof.

Reducing Urban Heat with Cool Roofs and Solar-Reflective Walls

Rising temperatures threaten our communities. High heat negatively affects our health and well-being, productivity, energy use, school performance, and more. These challenges are more frequently borne by low-income communities and communities of color.

Download the informational PDF from the Cool Roof Rating Council and learn more about urban heat islands and ways to reduce them.

Calculating a Roof's Solar Reflective Index

There are many factors to consider when calculating the solar reflective index of a roof.

Download the Solar Reflectance illustrative PDF below to learn more about how a roof's cooling abilities are calculated.

Comparing Roof Types

Comparing Roof Types

See how metal roofs stack up against other roofing materials including asphalt, tile, slate and wooden shake.

Comparing Roof Types

Metal Roofing FAQs

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