Why You Should Finance Your Metal Roof Investment

Metal roofs add tremendous value to your home, are weather resilient, and can last up to 50 years. This decision is a long-term investment in your home, so wouldn’t it be beneficial to pay for it over time? If you’re looking to offset your investment costs, consider using promotional or installment financing options to pay for your new roof.

Financing your metal roof

Investing in the future of your home has never been more accessible and more affordable with attractive payment plans that do not heavily impact your cash flow. With interest rates at historic lows, financing is an excellent choice for homeowners and makes the investment attainable to you now. Lenders have a considerable interest in the market to work with homeowners who value metal roofs. This interest by Lenders translates into some of the longest promotional and lowest rates offers ever seen. Add to that, today’s technology enables homeowners to apply and view pre-qualified offers instantaneously at no risk to their credit. Why not take advantage of the opportunity and keep cash in your pocket?

Benefits of installment and promotional loans

The wide variety of installment plan benefits for customers are easy and hassle-free.

  • No risk to pre-qualify - Lending platforms like Momnt allow homeowners to view pre-qualified offers at no risk to their credit.
  • Instant online approval - Online approvals are gained simply and immediately. No waiting is required.
  • Borrow exactly the amount you need - Borrow only the amount you need when you receive your metal roof estimate.
  • Keep cash on hand - many wealth advisors encourage the use of promotional offers in today’s market.
  • Reduces financial stress - Use installment plans to secure a payment schedule that works for your budget without the undue stress of having to pay all costs upfront.
  • Online payments - View your account balance and pay online with a secure web-based system.

Better than the alternatives

Financing is often better than other payment methods available.


A metal roof can be a significant expense that the average homeowner could not pay for with cash on hand. Even if you can pay for yours in full, it may make sense to leverage promotional-based financing. With a same-as-cash loan, you can keep cash in your pocket today and take advantage of a great deal to pay over time.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are great if you can pay them off in full each month; however, their interest rates are typically higher than promotional and installment loans offered through Momnt. Depending on your card limits, you might also not have enough credit to cover the entire cost of a metal roof. Some homeowners use credit cards as a financial bridge. They want to make the metal roof investment now but need more time to secure financing.

Home Equity Line of Credit - HELOC

Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) involve a lot of paperwork, time going to the bank, and significant documentation. Transacting may take more time and effort. Usually, you have to put up collateral for this loan: your home. Promotional and installment loans typically do not require collateral.

Invest in the future of your home

A metal roof is a wise investment compared to asphalt shingles and has a proven return on investment. Join other homeowners just like you who are investing in the future of their homes in 2022 with the benefits of promotional and installment financing. Learn more about the affordability options offered by Momnt, an MRA associate member, by visiting our website at www.momnt.com.