Why Does Expert Builder and YouTube Star Matt Risinger Love Metal Roofs? It’s All In The Details

Any fan of YouTube’s most famous building expert knows that Matt Risinger has a love affair with metal roofs. So much so, he recently put one on his own custom-built home in Austin, Texas.

“Crazy snow and ice storms. Extreme heat and fire. Golf ball-sized hail. Torrential downpours. A metal roof can be an amazing shield against the worst of Mother Nature, but you’ve got to get the details right,” says Risinger.

So whether you’re a homeowner, builder or contractor and are considering installing a new metal roof, check out Matt’s latest video: 7 Keys to a Better Metal Roof Install.

From underlayment and ventilation to hurricane clips and accessories like snowguards and solar mount systems, Matt explores the secrets that will help you maximize the low maintenance, long lasting benefits of your metal roof for decades to come. Watch 7 Keys to a Better Metal Roof Install now.