We’re Ready for Whatever Mother Nature Throws at Us

A gulf coast home stars on Today’s Homeowner to protect it against harsh coastal conditions

The Project:

For two homeowners living on the shores of Mobile Bay, fighting the salt water, corrosion and hurricanes damage to their home is an ongoing battle. Thankfully, it was Today’s Homeowner television program to the rescue. Well-known home renovation stars Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf recently helped the home get a new lease on life, much to the delight of its owners Don and Julie Beebe, who were featured in this latest episode.

The true star of the show, however, was the home’s beautiful new metal roof. While the old 27 year-old metal roof was still functioning, salt water had taken its toll and the Beebe’s insurance company insisted it had to be replaced. For the new roof, the couple chose a standing seam, snap lock, fortified metal roof with a completely sealed roof deck and a waterproof “self sealing” membrane. Given the fact the homeowner had endured multiple hurricanes in the 20 years they’ve owned the home, they also went with a roof rated to withstand 160 mph, thanks to special fasteners and extended eaves trim, which lock into place at the edge of each panel, making it exceptionally strong and designed to stay put in an extreme storm.

The crew from Metal Roofing HeadQuarters, located in the greater Birmingham area, expertly installed the new metal roof, despite the very steep roof pitch that included multiple elevations and intricate details. The result: no more rust spots and a super secure roof for the next hurricane that is nearly guaranteed to hit.

“It really exceeded my expectations…I’m more than pleased. It’s almost like a new house,” said homeowner Don Beebe. “Now that hurricane season is upon us, I feel much more secure that the roof is going to stay during the next hurricane and I don’t have to worry about the roof—other things, yes—but not the roof, not anymore.”

The Challenge:

Located on Mobile Bay, it’s not just hurricane forces that take their toll on homes in the area. Salt water corrosion simply ages all building materials faster, and it takes careful planning, product selection and installation to protect a home. Quality metal roofs with special coatings and careful installation to help ensure no unprotected metal is exposed can help extend the long life of a roof and keep it looking great for years to come. To learn more about metal roofs and what to consider when it comes to coastal conditions, visit the MRA website.

Spotlight on MRA member Metal Roofing HeadQuarters: As one of Alabama’s most experienced metal roofing companies, Metal Roofing HeadQuarters knows what it takes to protect homes against some of the most severe climate conditions which is why they have been featured on multiple Today’s Homeowner episodes. By working with quality metal materials and paying attention to industry leading installation techniques, Metal Roofing Headquarters takes pride in making sure every roof they install not only delivers great customer satisfaction, but provides durable, beautiful protection for years to come. For more about MRA member Metal Roofing HeadQuarters: Visit https://mrhqroofs.com