Video: Benefits and Beauty of Metal Roofing by Today's Homeowner

With hurricane season beginning, Today’s Homeowner hosts decided to cover why metal is the best choice for anyone who wants to protect their home from storms. Most metal roofing systems are water resistant, highly impact resistant and can withstand winds up to 140 miles. Learn more about why metal is the only way to go when it comes to storm protecting what matters most by watching this video.


"One of the things we also get a ton of questions about is metal, roofing. And we talk a lot about metal roofing. The more you drive around, the more you see that metal roofs are there of course, it's kinda right in the getting my house re-roofed just as we speak right now and I always tell people to consider re-roofing their House with the, with metal. You know there's, a lot of advantages to it. You know?"


"Oh absolutely, first it's extremely durable right? I mean, no matter what the weather is. We had a caller not too long ago living in Arizona and wanted to know how to keep the her house a little cooler here. And a metal roof because it has airspace underneath it's actually excellent for that. You wouldn't think it would be, but it is. Plus, it's durable. No matter what kind of weather, it sheds snow really well, you know, rain comes running right off it. It comes in an amazing number of colors and there's, a lot of lot of reasons to like metal roofing and it used to be only in one particular type of architecture, but nice you know all kinds of of homes regardless of their architecture. Yeah you certainly do and you know it lasts 50 plus years, nearly two or three times longer than a lot of other materials and you know the hundred and 40 mile per hour wind advantage there and and hail storms and wildfires. You know all the all the wildfires you hear about you know that metal's not gonna burn other roofing material certainly will and it holds up great under snow load, there's so many different things that you hear about on that and you know our friends at Metal Roofing Alliance and, has a little Metal Roofing Raves Sweepstakes. We wanted to tell you about. You need to go to and check out Metal Roofing Raves Sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 Home Depot gift card. I mean it's happening right now, so you know, run by and check it out and you might be, while you're there look at all the great styles colors designs and all the different things that might surprise you in what's available in a metal roof, certainly surprised me all the different, different real nice architectural looks that you can achieve by using a metal roof. Hey, you're listening to Today's Homeowner Radio and we'll be right back."