Let's face it, homeowners don't undergo home renovations and improvements only for purely practical reasons. Making a home just the way you want it also brings lots of personal satisfaction and happiness.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and National Association of REALTORS® recently calculated the emotional aspect of remodeling using a “Joy Score,” a rating highlighted in their 2022 Remodeling Impact Report. The report not only evaluates how much homeowners might expect to recover on costs of specific projects if they sell their home, but also the appeal (or happiness) specific projects offer.

According to the report, 35 percent of owners say the most satisfaction (or “joy”) from home renovations is gained through improved functionality and livability. Durable and long-lasting results, materials and appliances rank next at 22 percent. Fourteen percent of owners said increasing beauty and aesthetics are key.

From a practical pocketbook perspective, realtors rank a new roof at the top of the exterior improvement list for value, estimating homeowners can recover a full 100 percent of their original costs by replacing their roof*. Yet the “Joy Score” of re-roofing falls short, ranking below exterior painting and window and door replacement for how much satisfaction it brings.

With roofs being such an outstanding way to add value from a practical perspective, how can homeowners get more joy out of replacing their roofs? The Metal Roof Alliance (MRA) offers these tips to up the happiness and satisfaction ante when it comes to roof replacement:

Joy Score #1: Better functionality and livability
Think of a new roof as much more than simply a cover for your home. Today's high performance roofs can help save a tremendous amount of energy, increase comfort and offer performance against extreme weather conditions. By choosing a metal roof with advanced coatings, homeowners also save on labor time and expenses, maintaining that “just installed” crisp and clean look with a simple squirt of water and a little gentle soap. And homeowners concerned about their environmental impact will feel particularly good that metal roofs won't emit as much air pollution as asphalt and are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their very long lives.

Joy Score #2: Durability and long-lasting results
Nothing is as frustrating as investing in an expensive renovation or upgrade for your home, and having to do it all over again…and again. Most homeowners expect a new roof to be worry-free and last decades, but depending on conditions, cheaper asphalt and shake roofs that claim to have long warranties can fail in just a few years. Quality metal roofs are designed to last up to 50+ years–three times longer than other types–and can withstand and protect against even the most extreme climate conditions including hurricane force winds, hail, snow, ice and wildfires.

To up the happiness score even more, many homeowners are turning their roofs into multi-functional powerhouses, by adding solar panels to be able to produce their own energy and save thousands. By mounting solar panels on a quality metal roof, homeowners also will gain peace of mind knowing their roof will far outlast their panels and protect the investment they've made towards their energy independent future.

Joy Score #3: Beauty and aesthetics
Here's what a lot of homeowners don't realize and where untapped opportunities abound with re-roofing: Far from typical, bland or boring, a new roof offers a great chance to get creative, add serious curb appeal and enhance the architectural style of a home. Metal roofs come in a nearly limitless number of color choices and a wide variety of alloys and architectural patterns and designs. There are also opportunities to mix and match colors, styles and patterns to help highlight a home's features and achieve custom style.

By doing some research and understanding available options, maximizing the true beauty of a home with a perfect crowning touch adds real joy to what otherwise may be thought of as a purely functional home improvement project. For more information, check out MRA's comprehensive Buyer's Guide https://www.metalroofing.com/metal-roofing-resources-for-homeowners/

*Source: National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and National Association of REALTORS® 2022 Remodeling Impact Report.