How to Know When It's Time to Replace Your Metal Roof

Article written by Frazier Roofing and Guttering, member of the MRA.

Maybe you just had a storm and you just know it’s time to replace your roof. Maybe it’s been many years since it was last replaced or maybe you start to notice a lot of wear on it and know it should be checked out. In any of these cases, it’s time to see if you need a new roof!

Getting your roof inspected regularly will help to know when a good time frame is to replace your roof. Inspectors are professionally trained to spot certain elements. Don’t let the leaky roof happen before calling an inspector to come out. There are some signs to let you know when you’ve reached the replacement stage:

1. When you start to see those shingles curl on the edges or look like they have cupped edges, it’s probably time to replace your roof.

2. Has it been 20 or more years since it was last replaced? Yep, it’s going to be time to think about replacing. You’ll be glad you did and will probably see a significant difference.

3. If you look closely at the granules in the shingles, you shouldn’t see any bald spots or have any missing shingles. If it looks like there are numerous amounts of bald spots, it’s probably about time to have your roof replaced. You will also start to notice granules showing up in your gutters as they drain.

4. If you look around and notice your neighbors all getting new roofs, you may want to take a step back and look at yours. You may notice that yours will soon be the odd one out.

5. After a good deal of time, you will start to see dark streaks appearing throughout your roof. Algae streaks may be removed with water and bleach, but let’s be honest, who gets on their own roof with a garden hose for long periods of time? Not many. Props to you if you want to take on that difficult task!

6. Not only can dark streaks appear overtime, but moss can start to develop. This begins to happen when sunlight can’t reach the rooftops, or there isn’t much sun to reach the rooftops. You are able to brush off the moss, but there isn’t a way to prevent it from growing again. The only solid way to keep moss at bay is to let in the sun. Moss can be damaging because of the moisture build-up, so be careful about letting this go on too long.

7. Not that we recommend walking on your roof, but if you do and start to notice the feel beneath your feet of a sponge or trampoline type feel, that’s not good. Getting in contact with a roofing contractor would be best at that point. Do not hesitate to call someone.

Be sure to conduct your own research before taking any kind of action. A roof is a big deal and we want you to know when the right time may be to replace your roof!

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