Stone Coated Metal Roof Takes the Heat in Wildfire Zone

The Project:

The Audubon Sanctuary in Trabuco Canyon, located in Southern California, is an important place. That’s where wildlife and restoration work is being done to help protect a fragile area that is under tremendous stress due to climate change and drought. At the heart of the Sanctuary is a beautiful 90 year-old historic structure that is threatened by fierce conditions, including the region’s notorious Santa Anas–very strong, extremely dry downslope winds that create dangerous wildfire conditions.

The Challenge:

When it came time to re-roof, wildfire and wind protection were the ultimate priority for the Sanctuary. So was long-lasting performance to help prevent the need for repair or replacement for decades to come. The old asphalt roof simply didn’t offer the fire resistance the structure needed, and it also was badly damaged, suffering from some unique problems caused by a few of the Sanctuary’s feathered friends. Woodpeckers had stored many pounds of acorns in the old roof, stuffing them in the asphalt shingle crevasses, gaps and splits and further compromising its ability to withstand the elements and protect the structure.

Spotlight on MRA members Unified Steel™, a Westlake company and McCormack Roofing:

For the new roof, a durable, resilient and long-lasting stone coated metal roof was selected. With a 50-year warranty and Class A protection against ignition, the new roof will help guard against a potential wayward spark caused by wildfire. The new roof is lightweight, strong and impervious, installed tightly with very few penetrations to help prevent the region’s feathered friends from using it as a storage opportunity. It also provides a beautiful stylistic complement to the historic, rustic feel of the structure, lending a natural charm.

“In this area, quality stone coated metal roofing is a great solution,” said Thurston Tsui of McCormack Roofing. “It’s lightweight and very tight, making it resistant to wildfires and high winds.”

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MRA Manufacturer Member: Unified Steel™, Westlake Royal Roofing

Installer: McCormack Roofing

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