S-5-University Launches, Sharing Knowledge and Expertise with the Industry Professionals


(Colorado Springs, CO – May 23, 2023) The inventor of innovative attachment solutions for metal roofs launches its new online educational training program, S-5-University, designed to educate industry professionals on all things metal roofing.

S-5!’s new curriculum was created by husband-and-wife team Shawn and Jessica Haddock, both employed by the family-owned business. Through their interactions with customers and industry professionals, they identified a need for a single trusted source of reliable information. They worked with the company’s team of technical experts to create a series of step-by-step training courses to train individuals and teams from the ground up.

Participants can login to the program via the company website, select a variety of courses, take brief quizzes at the end of each unit, and earn certificates upon completion.

S-5!’s team spent thousands of hours fine-tuning lessons to provide the necessary education for individuals to become experts in choosing snow, solar or utility mounting solutions that are right for their projects, while providing best practices for installation.

“Our goal is to provide our customers and the greater metal roofing industry with all the necessary information and tools—a one-stop-shop to understand all the “whys” gaining insight to make their jobs easier,” said Jessica Haddock, S-5! Marketing Manager.

The first series is focused on solar mounting and metal roofing. With the cost of solar decreasing significantly over the last decade, in addition to new tax incentives introduced in the U.S. and Canada driving the popularity of solar, it became necessary for S-5! to develop a training tool for installers and crash course for sales professionals.

Led by the seasoned metal roof experts at S-5!, these in-depth courses will help individuals gain valuable insights into the company’s products, understand the various applications and discover best practices for installation.

“We want to provide industry leading knowledge on our products so our customers are fully aware of the value of each solution,” said Haddock. “This program will help them become experts on metal roof attachment solutions.”

Who Should Attend:

  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Specifiers
  • Engineers
  • Installers
  • EPCs
  • Homeowners & DIY’ers

About S-5!
Founded by a veteran metal roof expert, S-5! has been the leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions since first inventing the standing seam clamp in 1991. S-5!’s zero-penetration clamps and lifetime brackets attach virtually anything to standing seam and conceal-fixed metal roofs respectively, while maintaining roof integrity and warranties. Made in the U.S.A., S-5! solutions are now installed on more than 2.5 million metal roofs worldwide, including more than 6 gigawatts of photovoltaics, providing strength and longevity never before seen. For more information, visit www.S-5.com.