Ready for Fall: Labor Day Tips for Homeowners to Keep Roofs in Tiptop Shape

Labor Day is an excellent time to consider ways to prepare homes for the coming season and experts say paying attention to roof care is especially important this time of year.

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), homeowners can ensure their roofs will perform their best by following a few simple tips. While metal roofs require much less maintenance than other types, all roofs can benefit from paying attention to these five steps:

  1. Keep gutters clean
  2. For all types of roofs, regular gutter maintenance is essential for helping properly drain water. Year-round contact with wet leaves and dirt build up in gutters can damage roofs and when freezing weather hits, it can cause other problems such as heavy snow and ice build-up. Labor Day is a great time to make sure gutters are free from debris and organic material in preparation for wetter, colder seasons.

  3. Trim trees and bushes
  4. For fire safety as well as to prevent damage to roofing materials during windy winter weather, keep trees trimmed and away from the roof. Doing so also will help keep gutters clean.

  5. Brush away debris
  6. Dirty roofs not only detract from a home’s curb appeal, but they can cause other problems such as fostering the growth of moss and fungus that can damage more vulnerable roofs like asphalt. Fortunately, low maintenance materials like metal are very easy to clean, typically only requiring a squirt of water and gentle soap to remove rooftop grime. Other materials such as asphalt, shake and clay may require more expensive professional cleaning and the use of harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals to remove stubborn dirt and to prevent issues like moss from taking hold.

  7. Pay attention to what’s underneath
  8. Adding or replacing attic insulation and ensuring proper ventilation will keep your home comfortable and protected in any season. Have a professional roofer conduct an energy audit in your attic and make sure has proper ventilation. This step also can help prevent serious wintertime damage from occurring, such as issues and leaks caused by ice dams and improper rooftop snow melt. If you do need to replace your roof, consider more energy efficient, longer-lasting and reliable materials like quality metal roofs that can save you money and hassles over the long run.

  9. Put your guards up
  10. Even in climates where snow accumulation is rare, it’s always a good idea to consider whether you need snow guards on your roof to help keep frozen precipitation in place and cause it to melt or slid off in small pieces rather than dangerous chunks. A qualified contractor or roofing installer can help ensure proper design and installation of snow guard systems.
“Labor Day is an ideal time to conduct some preventative rooftop maintenance,” said Renee Ramsey, executive director of MRA. “Taking steps to protect your home in advance of severe cold weather is not only a much safer time to do so, but it may help ward off expensive problems and repairs down the road.”