MRA Cautions Homeowners: Don’t Re-Roof Before Arming Yourself With The Facts

PORTLAND, Ore.—Spring and summer mean it's re-roofing season for tens of thousands of homeowners in the U.S. and Canada. And just in time, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), the leading nonprofit organization representing the metal roofing industry, has unveiled a brand new video resource for homeowners who want to make educated decisions and learn about the latest options.

Available now on MRA's YouTube channel, the new MRA “Metal Roofing 101” (Video Title: IS YOUR HOME READY FOR A METAL ROOF? Home improvement tips-what to know before you re-roof) video series stars well-known TV personality and home improvement expert Danny Lipford. It is designed to arm homeowners with essential facts and details when choosing and investing in a quality metal roof, and how to ensure a successful re-roofing project. In just under ten minutes for the full length video version (each chapter is also available as a separate video), this helpful guide offers four distinct “chapters” covering:

How to choose the right roof for your region and climate zone
Video Title: MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR YOUR HOME: Be amazed by how these roofs stand up to Mother Nature's extremes
Covering what to consider in hurricane, wildfire, snow and ice and hail storm-prone areas, this section also covers details for how to boost energy efficiency and performance, no matter where you live.

The basics of metal roofing
Video Title: SO MANY OPTIONS! Your guide to metal roofing basics and how to pick the perfect roof for your home
This section explores different metal roofing alloy types, quality specifications and how they impact performance. It also explains installation processes, frequently used terms and the essential details that go into a re-roofing job.

Style options and how to achieve maximum curb appeal
Video Title: CURB APPEAL KA-POW! You won't believe the amazing style points these roofs can add to your home
In this section, Lipford showcases the wide variety of different styles, colors and patterns available by choosing metal, and explains the options for metal roofing coatings that homeowners can select from.

Care and maintenance tips
Title: METAL ROOFING MAINTENANCE MADE SIMPLE: Get an easy, inexpensive pro tip for DIY roof care
Lipford covers the ongoing care and maintenance required for metal roofs, shares cleaning tips and a simple, non-toxic recipe for how to keep a quality metal roof looking as good as new for decades to come. The new Metal Roofing 101 video series is a summarized companion piece to the MRA's popular Buyer's Guide, a comprehensive digital guide available for free to homeowners who are considering a new metal roof.

“Re-roofing is a big investment for homeowners and our goal is to ensure they have the best, most accurate and up-to-date facts and information from our members, which include the industry's top experts,” said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. “Our new video series will help homeowners get a roof they not only love, but also will last and perform reliably for decades to come.”