Don't Do Your Neighborhood A Disservice: Update Your HOA Design Standards For 2020

“Metal roofs simply will not work with our neighborhood’s architectural design standards.”

Statements like this reflect a lingering problem that HOAs across the country face: How to keep up with the latest design and performance options that increase the resiliency of neighborhoods, while still protecting and maintaining strict design standards.

Metal roofing is an excellent case in point. Some people think of metal roofs only as the flat panel variety (called “standing seam”) without realizing there are a huge array of patterns, colors, textures and design options that work well with even the most traditional architectural styles. The truth is metal can mimic the look of other types of roofing materials so well, it can often fool the experts.

“Metal roofs are under-appreciated for their ability to perfectly coordinate with a variety of architectural styles and which is why sometimes, HOAs won’t allow for them,” said Renee Ramey, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). “But the fact is metal roofing can mimic slate, clay tile, wood shakes and asphalt. More importantly, metal delivers great long-term, low maintenance performance and better protection.”

For neighborhoods facing regional threats of wildfire, hurricanes, heavy hail or winter storms, improving the resiliency of homes is a top priority. Metal offers the essential benefit of being extraordinarily strong and durable, with a proven ability to withstand extreme climate conditions. It’s also more environmentally friendly, long lasting and low maintenance.

That’s good news for HOAs looking to protect the original design character of their neighborhoods, yet update design standards with better-performing options. Metal roofing is available in a wide range of styles and colors that can work beautifully with today’s most popular architectural styles, including:

Classic Craftsman: Emphasizing natural materials, Craftsman homes often feature pitched roofs that protect front porches and dominate the home’s exterior. Unfortunately, asphalt roofs do nothing to enhance the potential of true Craftsman design. Better to choose organic materials and tones, such as a gorgeous copper, or a stamped shake or slate metal roof designed to bring out the natural characteristics of this charming style. (Photo: Boral Steel)

Modern Marvels: Contemporary, modern and mid-century ranch-style homes benefit from thoughtful roof design that enhance clean lines and a low-slung, minimalist style. Standing seam metal roofs in subtle earth tone hues work well to complement the non-fussy, chic nature of these homes, while enhancing the indoor/outdoor living spaces so appreciated with this style. (photo: Drexel Metals)

Colonial Charm: Dutch Colonial often features steep, gambrel roofs and curved eaves. Other types include French and Spanish Colonial and even the popular Cape Cod cottage style is often categorized as Colonial architecture. In nearly all cases, rooflines are prominent, and homeowners can achieve an authentic look by selecting a stone-coated metal roof in patterns that mimic shake yet offer great protection and durability. (photo: Decra Roofing Systems)

Tudor Traditional: With a myriad of decorative details, elaborate forms and solid masonry appearance, stone-coated metal roof work well with Tudor homes, lending maximum style to their stately demeanor. These homes were traditionally common in colder climates with lots of rain and snow, so a strong metal roof is the perfect choice for maximum protection. (photo: Decra Roofing Systems)

Mediterranean Moxy: Mission, Spanish style, Greek revival and Italian villa looks are popular especially in sunny climates. These home call for the classic clay tile style roof to maintain their architectural integrity. That same look can be achieved by metal roofs that deliver all the style with greater durability (no cracking or chipping), lighter weight, increased strength and lower maintenance. (Photo: Boral Steel)

Victorian Vivacious: With elaborate paint schemes and complex roof designs meant to draw the eye, these homes deserve extra care when it comes to selecting a roof that is just as attention-getting. Stone coated metal roofs, copper that may patina with age, and painted metal roofs in unique colors such sage green and turquoise blue can enhance the fanciful qualities of this beautiful architectural style. (photo: McElroy Metal)

To see how metal roof options may work with representative styles in your particular neighborhood, check out the Metal Roofing Alliance’s online visualizer where you can upload photos and try on different metal roofing styles.For more information, visit MRA