Cornett Roofing and Modern Metal Receive Top Honors in MRA’s Best Residential Metal Roofing Competition

Best Metal Roofing Project WinnerBeauty, complexity and reliability: It’s a winning combination and the reasons behind why Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has declared a re-roofing project, installed by Cornett Roofing and featuring Modern Metal Roofing material, as winner of its Best Residential Metal Roofing Project competition for the final quarter of 2022.

The award-winning metal roof was installed on a 10,000 square-foot home located in Cincinnati, Ohio, after the home’s “30-year” original asphalt shingle roof failed in just 10 years. In fact, the home, which is only 23 years old, has already had its roof replaced three times.

Given the homeowners wanted to install a rooftop solar system to help increase their energy independence, they couldn’t risk or afford yet another roofing failure. That’s why the decision to go with a quality metal roof made perfect sense. The new 24-gauge powder coated XL Spanish Tile Roof by Modern Metal Roofing has a 50-year warranty, meaning it will outlast even the solar panels. It’s also lightweight, exceptionally strong and beautiful, mimicking the look of tile to complement the style of the home, but without the need for additional support or reinforcements to support the load of the 20kw system.

Even with the size and complexity of the roof design, it took Cornett Roofing just two weeks to complete the entire metal and solar installation.

 Cornett Roofing Best Residential Metal Roofing Project

“Helping homeowners lessen their dependence on power companies while also supplying a roof that will never need maintenance is one of the greatest accomplishments our company can provide on a daily basis,” said Keith Waller, sales manager for Cornett Roofing “Whether it’s a 10,000- or a 2,200-square foot home, being able to offer excellent solutions that truly last makes all the effort worth it.”

Even without a solar system, quality metal roofs help homeowners save energy, increase comfort and improve their home’s sustainability. Metal roofs also are the most durable choice for withstanding extreme storms and hail, heavy snow and ice loads, and severe, hurricane-force high winds: important factors when considering Ohio’s regional weather conditions.

With this phase of the competition now closed, the search is on for MRA’s Best Residential Metal Roofing quarterly projects for 2023. Open to U.S. and Canadian homeowners, contractors, installers and manufacturers, MRA officials will select one outstanding metal roofing project based on project appearance, performance and originality/use of materials. Interested participants may upload their project photo along with a 200-word or less description for why their metal roofing project is worthy of top honors online at Next quarter’s winner will be announced in March, 2023, and only residential metal roofing projects in the U.S. and Canada will be considered. MRA Contest Entry Link: For updated rules and more information, visit