Case Study: Shining a Spotlight on Solar Style

Thanks to their longevity, strength and exceptional durability, there’s no doubt that metal roofs are an excellent choice when it comes to residential rooftop solar systems. Yet many homeowners still think of standing seam styles as their only option for rooftop solar systems.

An example includes a recent project in Huntington Beach, Calif., where an old shake roof was replaced with a stone coated metal roof, and a residential solar system installed. The roof, designed to look like traditional clay tiles, utilized a unique solar panel mounting system for ease of installation and to help maximize performance.

“What’s great about these roofs is that they look like tile, but offer all the benefits of metal,” said Croft. “The installers were able to easily install the solar system and support the weight of the panels without worrying about cracking, breaking or penetrating the roof, which can cause real problems over time.”

Using Boral Steel Stone Coated Tile and a direct-to-deck installation method, Western Roofing Systems out of Anaheim, California served as the installer for the job. Solar 360 supplied the solar panels and SolarRoofHook provided the brackets that were designed to attach between the modular stone coated steel roof metal panels, through the roof deck into the roof framing. That helped eliminate any penetration through the roofing panels, providing maximum weather resistance against rain and wind uplift. The metal material itself is energy efficient, and the installer used special 3/8” thick fiberglass with foil on both sides over sheathing to further conserve energy and boost comfort.

Experience matters when it comes to rooftop solar system installation. Boral, SolarRoofHook and Western Roofing Systems, a company that has installed more than 15,000 metal roofs and hundreds of solar systems, worked closely to ensure everything from the material selected to the installation was done to maximize performance for the homeowner.

“Stone coated steel roofs are still somewhat unique, but they are increasing in popularity for good reason,” said Rick Gentry of SolarRoofHook, a company that provides various mounting system solutions for nearly 2,000 residential solar projects every month. “With the right mounting system, installation is simplified, and it offers worry-free performance for both the solar system and the roof for the long run.”

Realizing cost savings and energy independence are primary motivators for installing residential solar systems. Using metal to re-roof helps protect a solar investment, reducing the risk and expense of ever needing to replace the roof again. That’s important, because choosing an extremely durable roof like metal that is designed to outlast the solar panels gives homeowners extra insurance against ever needing to dismantle the system and potentially voiding their warranty, should the roof fail. And options such as stone coated metal roofs mean that homeowners never have to sacrifice style in order to protect their investment.

As the homeowner of the Huntington Beach project says, “I’m very satisfied with my stone-coated metal roof. And, all my energy needs are supplied with the solar system.”

Above all, this project proves how today’s metal roofing solutions for residential solar systems can deliver not only exceptional value and long-term performance, but beautiful style as well.


Metal Roof Installer: Western Roofing Systems in Anaheim, Calif.

Metal Roof Manufacturer/Roof Type: Boral Steel Stone Coated Roofing

Solar Panel Supplier: Solar 260

Solar brackets/Mounting System: Solar Roof Hook