All the Rage: These Top 3 Curb Appeal Trends Are Captivating Homeowners in 2023

What are the latest curb appeal style trends for the new year? With the booming growth in the popularity for metal roofing in the U.S. and Canada, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is reporting 2023 is all about substance over superficial, and that beauty isn’t all about appearance, but performance too. For 2023, the MRA’s top three residential metal roofing trends are:

  1. Homeowners fall for the dark and dramatic

    There’s just something about the tall, dark and handsome home that is destined to catch the eye. That’s why homeowners seeking serious curb appeal are opting for deep shades of darkest gray verging on midnight black for their metal rooftops.

    Stark, clean and super modern, the ultimate expression of this look is the use of metal—not just for the roof—but as metal clad siding too. The good news is thanks to high performance coatings, quality metal roofing in dark colors still achieve significant energy savings and better solar emissivity to help keep a home’s interior cool and utility bills low. And because it’s metal, it also is a great choice for protection in wildfire-prone areas. Paired with a brightly colored front door or garden accents, this look is the dark knight of stand-out 2023 style trends.

  2. This year is all about allure (of anodized)

    Homeowners who want bold never boring curb appeal style don’t need to look further than an anodized aluminum metal roof. The process of anodizing highlights the metallic depth and natural sheen of organic aluminum alloy, while minimizing color variations. That gives it a rich, dimensional hue that showcases and celebrates the alloy’s natural beauty and announces to the neighborhood this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill roof.

    The beauty of anodized aluminum is far more than skin deep. That’s because anodized aluminum is not a coating. Instead, it is created through an electro-chemical process where the aluminum is converted into aluminum oxide, giving it exceptionally strong, durable and damage resistant properties. Anodized aluminum protects against corrosion and rust, resists nicks and scratching and is one of the most durable surface finishes available. It is particularly well-suited for coastal regions and applications, where corrosion can take its toll even on coated materials.

  3. Forget bland: mix and match combinations enchant homeowners

    Stamped, stone coated, different patterns, shapes and colors…if you can dream it, it’s easy to combine all sorts of possibilities, thanks to the fact that metal roofing comes in more shades, patterns and designs than nearly any other roofing material. As an extremely versatile material, homeowners are using metal’s many options to their full advantage and combining different looks and designs to highlight architectural features such as turrets, dormers, porches and outbuildings. For more expensive alloys such as copper, using it as an accent in combination with other metals is a great way to highlight special rooftop features without breaking the bank.

    “More homeowners are realizing their rooftops have untapped potential. Why slap a boring roof on when there’s an opportunity to not only enhance the performance, but add serious style points to your home? With a skilled, experienced installer, good quality material and some vision and inspiration, the sky is the limit for just how far you go when you choose metal,” said Renee Ramey, MRA Executive Director.