5 benefits of higher-quality roofing

This article appears courtesy of MRA Member Mosaic.
Current market conditions are making homeowners more hesitant to sign on for larger ticket improvements. This environment can pose a threat to your upsell opportunities and overall growth margins. As inflation rises and budgets narrow, the cheapest repair may be the most appealing to homeowners; especially for those who find themselves with an emergency project on their hands.

However, don’t let homeowners write off a higher cost project so fast. There are multiple upsides to an “invest now to save later” approach. These cost-saving considerations, along with strategies such as financing options, can help homeowners choose the best solutions. Here’s our list of the top five benefits of higher quality roofing.

1. Longer lifespan of materials
While higher quality materials, like metal shingles, are more expensive up front, they take longer to degrade and require fewer repairs over time. This means that homeowners can actually save money in the long run on overall maintenance needs. Homeowners can also benefit from enhanced warranties, with some warranties offering non-prorated roof replacements for up to 50 years.

2. Lower home insurance payments
When a homeowner’s roof increases in age, their insurance premium will usually increase alongside it. This is because the level of risk associated with covering the house rises. Some insurance policies outright refuse coverage for roofing older than 20 years. Age is not the only factor, most companies also assess condition and can bypass age requirements for well-maintained roofing. Homeowners who choose durable, long-lasting materials will encounter fewer insurance issues and have a greater possibility of lower rates.

3. Increased protection against weather events
It’s no secret that natural disasters are growing in frequency and intensity. In the face of storms and flooding, a higher quality roof can be the difference between minor damage or severe destruction. No roof is completely indestructible, but stronger materials and better design can equip homeowners with more protection. Metal roofing is especially resistant to high-speed winds and can be invaluable, particularly for regions that are hurricane hotspots.

4. Increased home value
Investing in a better quality roof can increase a home’s resale value. Homeowners should consider the boost to their property value while determining their next project budget. For example, a low-cost roof repair may save them money in the short term, but a metal roof with a 50-year warranty may become an asset when the time comes to sell. For those who plan to stay in their residences for years or decades, low monthly payments through financing options can make an upsell relatively painless— and bring a large return after the loan has been paid.

5. Higher energy efficiency and comfort
Roof defects like structural damage or improper ventilation are prime culprits for energy leaks and can dramatically increase homeowners’ heating and cooling costs. With the prices of energy skyrocketing, homeowners may find that investing in a well-ventilated and balanced roof could reduce their energy usage and lower their monthly bills and extend the life of the roof. Reducing energy leaks increases household efficiency, saves homeowners money and creates a more comfortable living space.

On your next job, be sure to highlight these top benefits of higher quality roofing. With your guidance, homeowners may choose to pay more upfront to enjoy long-term savings and peace of mind. Since many homeowners don’t have the discretionary spending they once had, financing options can help them afford better improvements. With these points in hand, you can help your customers afford the best roofing solutions and grow your business in the process.