23 Money Saving Tips and Exterior Home Improvements for Seniors

You will find everything from exterior home renovations that cut utility bills, to money saving advice on financing and hiring contractors.

5 Things to Know About Metal Roofing

For years, metal has been a common roofing material for commercial buildings, barns and storage buildings. What you may not know, however, is that this roofing material has gone mainstream, becoming a viable option for homes.

MCA Educational Resources for Homeowners

Retrofitting Existing Roofing with Metal

One of the most common questions asked by a homeowner faced with having to replace an existing roof is if a new roof can simply be installed over the old roof to save money. Learn more here.

Ventilating Attic Fires

Learn about Metal Roofing fire safety and general procedures for identifying a modular panel metal roof, accessing or ventilating a stone-coated metal roof, and ventilating attic fires.

Lightning Strikes and Metal Roofing

When a metal roof is employed on a home, it seems to heighten people’s awareness of lightning and some question whether or not the use of metallic roofing increases the risk of lightning strike. Metal roofing does not in any way increase this risk.

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Recycled Content of Metal Roofing and Siding Panels

Metal roof and wall panels are made with the highest recycled content from the most recyclable materials on earth, making them a great choice not only for today, but also for future generations to use.

Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates

Northern climates have always posed unique challenges to all types of roofing material. Snow and ice pull and tug on roof membranes and over time can tear the membrane apart. Freezing phenomena can pry flashings away from roofs, inhibit proper drainage, separate gutters from eaves, and threaten personal safety at building perimeters.

EDCO Case Studies

Dalex Roofing

The homeowners of this stately New York home were impressed with the beauty and durability of EDCO’s ArrowLine Slate metal roofing.

Infiniti Roadhouse

The uniquely rustic appearance of Infiniti Roadhouse Roofing gives homes additional personality.

ArrowLine Enhanced Slate Roofing and Vertical 12" Board and Batten Siding

An elegant, historical look of the ArrowLine Slate roofing in T-Tone, along with the craftsman style board and batten siding, provides unique character to a popular nature center.

Roofing in Washington

NRCA Roofing Day 2022

Read through the highlights that came out of the NRCA's Roofing Day in DC in May 2022. Learn about the Build Back Better infrastructure bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and more!

New Standard for Fire-resistant Roofs Implemented in California

Increasing wildfires have led California officials to call on new insurance standards for homes, including fire-resistant roofs.

California's new “Safer from Wildfires” plan includes setting new home insurance standards and prompting insurance companies to provide homeowners with incentives for protective measures like fire-resistant roofs.

Insurers Currently Offering Discounts

Residential Property Insurance Companies Currently Offering Discounts for Fire Hardened Homes and/or Communities

Several companies offer both community-wide discounts and home-specific discounts. Learn more today!

Sustainability Resources from the American Iron and Steel Institute

Steel Sustainability in the Construction Market

The North American steel industry is committed to manufacturing innovative products and implementing processes that achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Facts about American Steel Sustainability

Download the latest report to learn about sustainable steelmaking in the automotive and construction industry.

Sustainability of the American Steel Industry

Learn how the American iron and steel industry affects the economy, recycling, production and sustainability in this resource.

Sustainability Resources from the American Iron and Steel Institute (Continued)

It Starts with Steel

Hear from Kevin Dempsey, CEO of American Iron and Steel Institute, about the industry.

Steel Sustains

Learn more about how Steel Sustains our way of life