Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions Launches New CEU Course for Architects on Roofing Underlayments

Architects will earn one CEU credit upon completion of continuing education course

Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions™, the leader in efficient and resilient roofing systems and components, has just released a new CEU continuing education course for architects about roofing underlayments. The course, The Importance of Roof Underlayment for Energy Efficiency and Fire Resistance, explores the roof underlayment as an integral part of the total roof system design and educates architects on the performance, benefits, fire resistance and weather resilience of various underlayment types.

The course takes a holistic view of roof systems and explores the different types of underlayment, highlighting options that will optimize the performance and compatibility with roofing materials. It will also examine the attributes and strengths of the different underlayment categories and educate participants on how quality products can enhance energy efficiency and fire resistance.

Participants of the course will benefit from four key learning objectives, which include: the holistic approach to roof system design and the critical role of the underlayment in that system; knowledge of roof material covering types to ensure the appropriate specification of an underlayment that is compatible and optimizes performance; knowledge of the various categories of underlayment and the performance attributes of each; and an understanding of the advantages of premium underlayment products, including improved energy efficiency, fire resistance and wind resistance, along with the important components needed to install a high-performance roof system.

“Architects will undoubtedly leave this course with a better understanding of underlayments and how to select the right one to achieve their roof performance goals in their upcoming projects,” says Steve Booz, vice president of marketing and product management for Westlake Royal Building Products. Course participants will obtain 1.0 CEU credits upon completion. Architects may access the new CEU course at Hanley Wood University and through the AIA.

To explore the full suite of Westlake Royal Roofing Solution’s clay, concrete, steel, composite, and components roofing solutions, including the company’s numerous high-performance underlayment options, visit the company’s website.