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Granular Coated Modular Panel System Video Workshop

This video workshop provides training on the granular-coated "modular" panel systems covered in the Study Guide.

These videos provide detailed demonstrations, presented by a recognized industry expert on all the basics of handling, cutting and installing this type of through-fastened modular system. Watch the below videos, and review the study guides prior to taking the test for this section.

Course Materials


Custom-Bilt Metals

Vail Titan Select and Majestic Copper Metal Roofing


Metal Roofing Alliance

Clip-Flange Module Training

Video 1: Installing Wood Build-Up

Video 2: Installing Drip Edge

Video 3: Installing Rake Metal

Video 4: Installing Valley Flashing

Video 5: Installing Bird Stop

Video 6: Installing Field Tiles

Video 7: Granular Coated Panel Installation Basics

Video 8: Measuring and Cutting Granular Coated Hip Panels

Video 9: Installing Granular Coated Hip Panels

Video 10: Measuring and Cutting Valley Panels

Video 11: Installing Granular Coated Ridge Panels Part 1

Video 12: Installing Granular Coated Ridge Panels Part 2

Video 13: Installing Granular Coated Chimney Panels

Video 14: Installing Chimney Flashing Part 1

Video 15: Installing Chimney Flashing Part 2

Video 16: Installing Valley Panels Part 1

Video 17: Installing Valley Panels Part 2

Video 18: Installing Granular Coated Hip Caps

Video 19: Gable and Ridge Caps

Video 20: Slope Transition

Video 21: Panels at a Pipe Vent

Video 22: Touch-Ups