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questions about cut outs
Hi - I already know that I absolutely want a metal roof, so I'm hoping this is the right place to post my questions. I am in the process of purchasing my first house with a rehabilitation loan, and I know that I need a new roof. Aesthetically, I prefer a standing seam roof (because it's prettier - I know, such a girl), but I may have to have metal shingles to better fit the neighborhood. Question 1 - is one better (or preferred/recommended) than the other given the climate in Savannah?

I also would like to know about installing things like vents for range hood, a sky light, and vent for a bathroom fans (2 bathrooms). Question 2: Should these be installed before the new metal roof or after? What is the correct order of operations? I am more than a bit apprehensive about putting holes in the roof on purpose though I know it's required, and I wonder for the metal roof install if it is better to have the experienced roofer seal these holes while installing the metal roof rather than the installer of the vents and sky light who most likely spend far more time working with asphalt roofs. I absolutely do not want leaks or roof damage caused by someone who is unfamiliar with metal roofs.

I intend to one day finish the attic space and will have it insulated at the ceiling with closed cell spray foam during the renovation instead of insulation on the floor of the attic like my current home. Is there anything I need to know about having a metal roof and a conditioned attic?

Finally, I know that I will have a metal roof primarily because of its longevity, fire resistance, and aesthetics. What else should I know about having a metal roof in Savannah, GA (about 10ish miles from the coast)? Should I have special paint/coating because of the proximity to salt water? What questions should I ask my future installer? What should I know/be prepared for as an informed consumer?

Thanks in advance for your expert advice.

Hi Angela, lots of good questions here. I will try to address them.

Any penetrations through the roof should be done before or during the roof installation. Working them in after the roof is completed is very difficult at best.

As far as completing the attic ... nothing real special to consider other than how any roof vents you need now will eventually be closed off. When you complete the attic, vapor barriers and moisture control will be critical, such as using closed cell foam.

As far as near coastal application, at the very least I would make sure the product you choose meets Metal Construction Association Certified Premium standards. I would check heavily into warranty coverage and applicability for your application. If you use galvanized steel I would use minimum G90, or minimum AZ 50 for galvalume. I would also consider non ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and zinc.

I hope this helps. I also have an article at www.asktoddmiller.com you may be interested in. All Best.


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