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Metal Ridge Vent
So glad to have found this forum! Thank you for hosting it. We are replacing a laminated shingled roof with 26 gauge metal roof panels. We decided to install a ridge vent system and all is working properly. Since we are doing the work ourselves, we have one question that hasn't been answered. This home was nearly destroyed by an F2 tornado on April 25, 2011. It's a Fleetwood manufactured home and it's still here because it was properly tied down following HUD standards. Our concern, as this is our first experience with a metal roof, is when the storms come, as they do frequently here, the winds push the rain up the roof. In the past, this greatly compromised the existing 3 tab shingles as the house faces the westward winds. We were constantly making repairs. Now with a metal roof, we will have some peace of mind. What prevents the rain from entering under the ridge vent and into the attic space now if the rain is driven up the roof?
Most ridge vents have baffles or filters or pierced holes or other design elements to help prevent that. Additionally, if you have properly balanced ventilation, the air exhausting out at the ridge will help push water away. That said, some minor bleeding of water during heavy rains is possible with any vent and the reality is most construction requires vents.

So sorry about the effect of the severe storms this Spring and that you were caught up in it. All best as you rebuild. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all.
Thank you Todd. This is, at best, the new beginning for us all! Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

We did install yards of foam insert/baffle as instructed and I'm glad to read the explanation of why it would work. Seems to defy logic, doesn't it? LOL! We installed this roof ourselves and we're still married. I'm glad we're nearly done as the outside temp is 98 with heat indices of 105! Found out very quickly how slippery metal is in the early morning dew as well. We are very happy with our metal roof and it's become the envy of the rest of the homes around us who decided to just re-roof with shingles. Just have truly learned how much we hate valleys and getting the angles cut right.
What a great example of American pride and spirit!!!

You are a tornado survivor and putting on your own roof (a metal one at that).

Two big thumbs up for you and thank you for being such and inspiration. God does help those that help themselves.

+1 on Todd's comments about balanced ventilation. We rarely see rain creep and the foam should tilt the balance even further in a dry direction.
Thank you! We are very proud of what we are accomplishing and surprised that we still have the energy to do this! It will all be completed by Saturday morning. All said, my husband and I have installed over 3100 sq. ft. of metal roofing by ourselves! It took us 7 days but mainly because of the heat and having to protect ourselves from heat stroke. We are very happy with the looks of the home now and many have commented that it looks like a new home was moved in! I will attach some photo's after its completed. Would I do this again? CERTAINLY! It is easy... just very time consuming with only 2 people.
Post up some pictures of the completed work when you are all done.
Hi Everyone! We've finished the metal roof. Actually, we finished it a week ago but had to relax from all the intense heat down here! Here is the photo of the front deck and it's new roof. 3,150 square feet of steel! WOW... A lot for just 2 people but we are so happy with our new look. You can view a slideshow of the entire home here: https://picasaweb.google.com/KittyDigitize/RedSteelRoof?authkey=Gv1sRgCOqN1fL6n_mOKw&feat=directlink

We decided to use 29 gauge white steel for the ceiling of the deck. It's turning out wonderfully and with all this great appeal, we feel like our home is once again brand new. Thanks for all your help and prayers of support! We've decided to rebuild our garage and use a steel roof as well as the repairs to the existing workshop.... you guessed it! STEEL ROOF!
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Looks great! Good job and thanks for posting!
I tell ya! If we can do it anyone can. :)
Forgot to add.... We are now able to raise the thermostat in our home 8 degrees HIGHER from 70 to 78 and we are very comfortable. We are going to enjoy the savings in AC usage this summer.

This time last year, we had to lower the thermostat to 68 and the house wouldn't stay cool lower than 82! The 4 ton unit ran constantly trying to keep the home cool. The intense drought and heat we experience each summer was too much for 7 year old 3 tab shingles that were supposed to last 25 years. Our cooling cost in savings is already showing up on our electric bill and being ALL electric, going to steel as our choice has been a wonderful gift to ourselves.
I think it came out fantastically.

Well done.
This is the first thread that I found about a manufactured home. Glad i found it. My question is. I see all these before and after photo's and some still have the roof vents and some don't. Why is that? I am about to undertake this project myself and that is the first of many questions that I will be posting I am sure.

Jason, some of the roofs may have been converted from square vents on the roof to a ridge vent, which would be less conspicuous.
Thanks for reply. Is that somthing i need a contractor to do or is that something that is a DIY?
It should really be done at the same time as the roof install, by whoever does that work.
Yes was wanting to know what products to use to install a vented ridge cap on a metal roof? Is the ventilated foam a good choice?
There are many options involving foam or corrugated plastic or other polymer products. If those are used, they need to be covered with metal. If your metal roofing manufacturers offers an all metal ridge vent, I would go that direction.


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