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Pole Barn Roof Coating
I am considering giving my 30 year old Morton Barn a coating of Kool-Seal and was interested in your thoughts. The surface of the metal has oxidation and needs either paint or a sealer of some sort. We use the building for horses and no insulation was installed in the ceiling when built so condensation can be an issue at times. The Kool Seal is a thicker membrane type of coating. Thanks for your input!
Dan Morgan
Clarksville, Ohio
Usually with those coatings you need an extremely clean ans pristine surface in order to get good adhesion.
Thanks Todd. In your opinion would a urethane product such as C&G Products Elasta Gard be a better choice and why. I am trying to better understand the differences in an acrylic product and a urathane. Or ... it there another product you recommend better.


Thanks again
Dan Morgan
I am very sorry but this is way outside my area of expertise. I am sorry.

Did you find a suitalbe sealant for the barn roof? I have the same situation and have just begun to research but no clues to the right product.
No ... still investigating. Preperation seems to be key whatever you use but I'm leaning towards a urathane based product.
Hi guys. Just came across your questions I own a mobile metal roof restoration business in northern ohio and have another office in central florida check out web site wwww.metalroofrestoration.com you might find it helpful. We do a lot of morton buildings I wouldent use kool seal unless you really know what your doing it needs to be extremely cleaned and a really expensive primer is needed with that product or you will have rust come back through within a year. Good luck. Give us a call if you have any more questions we give free evaluations.


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