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Installing a metal roof over shingles
I plan to install a metal roof over a single layer of shingles. I have watched metal companies install directly to the shingles, I have been told some install 1x3s ever 2 feet, some place felt or insulation down first.
What do i need to do???
I suggest 30 pound felt or synthetic underlayment.

Some products can be installed over battens or insulation but in most cases I do not see much advantage to doing so.
i have been installing roofing for 15 years and i do care about the people that say they have been installing roofing for 50 years because back then the trees were dead when they were cut!!! Now the wood holds moisture and makes the bottom of the panel rust (i have the pictures to prove it!!!!). Felt is another problem, ASK YOURSELF do you want black tar streaks on the top of your brand new sheets. My proffesional opinon would be if you are dead set against applying the metal directly to the shingle deck the lay down Lo-E foil insulation double bubble with a R value of 19. basicly what I'm saying is take for instance a 66x30 house which I can insulate for $1100 apply metal roof on top versus same house applying 1" styrofaom insulation for $1400 with a weak R value of 3!!! and i haven't figured out the RUST forming wood lats! ASK YOURSELF NOW WHICH IS MORE COST EFFECTIVE... Also when you don't use lats you only pay for the roof once because a storm doesn't rip it off. I"m sorry but i'm tired of pencil pushers working in the A/C telling the nieve customer what to do if you want answers ask someone in the feild and if in doubt talk to a contractors past customers before you select someone to hire.....
I too am looking to install metal roofing over shingles.

I went to a roofing store and they recommended an SBS material over the shingles. Can I attach the metal roof directly over the SBS or is to too sticky? I'd prefer not to use sleepers because the metal is used and already has holes that I don't want to try and line up with the sleepers. The shingles leak a bit, so I wanted to use the SBS for added water protection.
I am am certified metal roof speacialist. First you put down ty-vek house wrap. Then put down 1x3 treated strips with screws.Then put down metal ,this will stop any condensation,and gives roof air space to breath just like a attic needs. We gaurantee are roofs like this for the life of the metal. YOUR LOAL ROOF EXPERT,STEVE CECIL, cecilandson.com
im placing a metal roof on top of shingles and i was just wondering how i should lay down the straping. is there a certain direction or measurement that they have to be??
how is the air vented out between the tyvac and the metal roof?
when you put the strips down it will lift the metal 3/4 of a inch up causing rain to shoot over the gutters
I installed my metal roof over my singles 9 years ago. I have had no problem.
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You seem to be most knowledgeable about roofing issues. Thank you for some great advice. I am making a note of your comments.
Cody - details on what you put over the shingles would be much appreciated.


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