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ribbed with fastener vs standing seam
I am replacing the roof on my lakeside cottage in the woods which has a barely acceptable pitch for metal. I thought this would be an easy decision as I want a lasting solution for this hard winter area! However, I didn't know I would have to decide between fasteners and standing seam. The price is so much more favorable for the ribbed with fasteners, but I want to be problem free for this house that is not lived in 365 days a year. The rolled roof that my last contractor put on 4 yrs ago has leaked, in several places and I am tired of that!!! How do I make this decision!!
Talk to some local contractors experienced with both types of metal roofing and get their opinion. If your roof's geometry is not too complicated, there is a good chance that a through-fastened roof is viable.
The geometry is very simple. Is the standing seam are more reliable product than the ribbed with screws?
You have less maintenance with a standing seam. One thing is you have no exposed screws for the neoprene washers to dry out or the screws to work out. Also, there is a difference between what us old roofers call standing seam and concealed fastener panels. A standing seam is usually 24 gauge and a concealed fastener is usually 26 gauge.
It sounds like, if I can afford to go for the extra expense, I will not regret getting a standing seam over an exposed fastener roof. Since this is a project where I do not want to say "I wish I had....." , this may be the best choice for me.
That said, an exposed fastener roof is going to be an affordable and good roof and a great improvement over the rolled roof that is failing now. Does this sound about right?
I will be very unhappy if 5 yrs from now I have leaking screws and loose screws up there!!
To answer your question, "yes"


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