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How to prevent condensation on existing metal roof
We have a screened in deck with a metal roof. We did not know to use any type of underlayment. The metal roof is attached directly to stringers on top of the rafters. We have not enclosed the ceiling but would like to to keep it cooler in the summer. How do we deal with condensation problem so we can insulate and enclose?
You have a unique situation. My best suggestion is to spray the underside of the roof with closed cell polyurethane insulation.
Where do we get the closed cell polyurethane insulation? Will we have to worry about the stringers and rafters rotting where the metal roofing comes directly in contact with it? Maybe the spray insulation will cover most of that area? If we do that can we go ahead and insulate (what would you recommend we use) and finish the ceiling, maybe with bead board or plywood and paint?
Yes, you could finish from the inide as you wish. You would need to find an experienced polyurethane foam contractor to do the spraying. It would cover everything and keep any moisture from reaching the back side of the roof, so condensation cannot occur.
I have the same issue as Steve. Where can I find a polyurethane foam contractor in the Atlanta GA area?




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