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cell phone signal with metal residential roof
I am considering a metal roof as a replacement for asphalt shingles on my house and was told that the metal roof will interfere with cell phone signals. Is this a valid concern, especially today with more and more wireless signals being used?
I have never noticed a metal roof having any effect at all on cell phones.
I have a metal galvanized roof on my apt bldg, it does not interfere
with cell signals or strength of signal.

So did the metal roof interfere with your reception?

My in-laws have a metal roof installed from maybe 30 years ago, and it definitely interfered with my Cingular phone (vintage 2000). However, my newer Verizon phone doesn't have a problem. Wireless internet seems to drop off, and my GPS signals drop to zero under their roof.

I'm wondering if newer roofs have the same issue.
I do not think anything has happened with the roofs themselves that would improve them but, again, I have not experienced any of these issues. My GPS does not work the best inside any building, regardless of roof.
We recently installed a metal roof on our home. Before there was great service on my Blackberry and my cell phone, with Verizon. Now there is zero signal. I wish there were some advice from someone on this issue. I would love to resolve it.
I now have Verizon as my cellular provider and have not experienced this issue.
I have a metal roof and my cell phone barely works inside my home. I have to stand by a window to get decent reception.

If I go outside it works fine, however I can literally walk into my living room and boom the call is lost. Just like that.
The odds are that a metal roof will degrade your cell phone performance; depending on what the prevailing signal strength is in the area, it could spell the difference between having "less bars" and having no connectivity at all.

The combination of metal roof, steel studs, and aluminum siding would probably be the worst--that building is virtually an RF shielded box.

I'm looking at alternatives for a friend, but the best solution I've come up with thus far is locating the phone at the wall closest to the nearest cell tower. Don't put the phone up high (which usually helps in buildings), where the metal roof might "shade" it from the tower signal. Leave the phone where it gets a good signal, and use your bluetooth to carry on the conversation.
You can purchase a repeater (also called a "booster"). A good quality one is not cheap, but if you work from home or miss important calls than it is worth it. I suggest a dual band repeater with a separate onmidirectional antenna. Dual band works with most providers (except Nextel). Too technical? These links might help:

I have a lot of trouble getting reception with my cell phone at my home
My phone don't ring,If I do get calls I don't get the message for 3 to 4 hours after they leave it on my voice mail. Can it be my service I don't think so, My dad has a different service and when he comes here
he gets the same thing , and its not like i live way out I am 3 mins from town
I had a lot of problems at one time with Spring service and this exact same thing.
Sorry -- Sprint.
i have sprint, and recently we had metal roof installed, there goes my cell phone reception in the house, i have to go outside, a bummer, and the alternative-install a "gizmo" is tooooo expensive.do you know if other companies have better cell phones to overcome this situation?
I have a metal roof and we do not get good reception in our house. we have to go outside to use our cell phones
I have had better success with Verizon but I really think my Sprint issues were not related to the metal roof.
I have a metal roof on my home and could not get a signal in my house! Very fustrating when you work from home and have to go outside to make calls.

I did some research and found a company called Unwiredsignal.com. I called them and they gave me all the information I needed to feel comfortable purchasing a Wilson cell phone signal booster for my home.

The kit a purchased cost me about $560 with shipping. Setting it up only took me about an hour and a half. When I powered up the system, I went from no bars inside to full bars (current signal outside was 2-3 bars). Now, I don't have to worry about missing a call from a client or losing potential clients because of bad cell phone signal reception in my home office.

I would recommend Unwiredsignal.com to any one that runs they're business from home or just needs better cell phone signal in their home. If any thing check out the 3rd party test resuls of how Wilson beats the competition. You can decide for yourself.

thanks. Helpful info!
Never mind your question, how 'bout mine? How come this company doesn't ofer any dark brown or black options?? Huh???
Yeah, Sprint has always sucked. How about the pricing?? Anyone know the pricing per square foot?
Given the angle that cell signals come in (direct line from the tower, NOT bounced from the stratosphere), I would think that your wall construction would matter a lot more than your roof.

I don't have a metal roof yet (will let you know in a few months whether it changes things), but I do have brick exterior and (real) plaster interior wall. Does not seem to attenuate the signal much if at all.

I do find that cell phones go dead in large retail establishments, especially supermarkets but also building supply stores though less so. But I have to go quite a way inside before it goes dead -- farther inside than the size of a house.

So I'd say that in a large commercial building, metal construction will be a big problem for cell phones. OTOH, in those situations, the cost of a repeater would be a very small part of the total construction cost.

I have seen devices on the internet that plug into your home and I think you run a cord or something maybe in your attic(cuz that is probably where you would get the strongest signal).
I have the same problem Janet. When we had AT&T we had no problem at all, but since switching to Verizon our phones don't work at all.
I also have a metal roof and any cell phone (at@t,verizon,sprint/nextel) will not work at all unless you are right up against the window. Going in the attic makes it worse. Bought a ZBoost cellphone signal booster from RadioShack.com. My cellphone works but halfass. You can recieve or dial but dropped call are very common. Wasnt worth the 400 bucks. The Zboost comes with an attenna for outside. It tells you, in the instructions, to not place the exterior attenna anywhere close to metal or a metal roof. Hope this helped anyone looking into this subject.
metal roofs do prevent signal from penetrating the roof, the only solution in my mind is a cell phone signal booster, http://www.cellphoneboosterstore.com
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