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Florida metal
We live in Orlando, Florida and are considering installing a metal roof. Our home requires approx. 65 squares and we are getting quotes of $45k and up! I have seen posters speak of averages of $3 to $5 per sq ft of installed roof, which would yield a price of around $32k. Are we getting hammered by another "hurricane," or is there another reason Florida metal roofs are coming in so high?
I believe that, unfortunately, the huge need for roofing in Florida has raised the prices of all roof systems. Qualified installers are all incredibly busy and in high demand.

Metal roofing comes in a wide range of styles and that also brings about a wide range of prices.

It is hard for me to talk specifically about your roof without knowing more about it. Things like old roof removal and disposal involve additional cost. Steep and cut up roofs also add cost.
I live in Crystal River Florida. I had 3 different Roofing Companies come out and give me estimates on a metal roof. Rounding them off, they were $13,000, $15,000, and $17,000! I was shocked! Outer measurements of my house are 1460, small house built in 1962. Anyway, those prices seemed way to high to me so I called a friend who had just had just built a new home wit ha metal roof. He said it cost him about $6,000. We called the same roofer and he quoted us the same price only he wanted to put the metal over the shingles. So we offered to take off all the shingles and replace any damaged wood. To make a long story short! We are getting our metal from Gulf Coast Supply in Horseshoe Beach Florida. They sale wholesale to everyone. The cost for the metal. screws, etc.,$3,500!
My husband and my brother are doing our roof for around $6,000. Call Gulf Coast Supply, the yalso offer you a manuel on how to do meatl roofs. It will save you a lot of money. Also we got the permit to do it ourselves.They've got to put the furring strips on and then we're ready for the metal but so far everything looks great!
Sorry, I replyed to Greg's message without noticing the date! Duh!!!!
Anyway, hoped he checked around before he did anything and got a good deal. Maybe the other message will help someone else.
Thank you.


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