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light vs. dark color metal roof
Is there that much energy efficiency difference between light and darker colored metal roofing? I want to go with a green or red and my husband says only white because it is more energy efficient. I say if there was that much difference they wouldn't make darker colors. Who's right?
Depends on a lot of factors.

If you have a lot of insulation and good attic ventilation, color matters very little.

In the winter time the solar heating effect of a dark roof helps heat the attic and then the house looses less heat.

In the summer time the solar heating effect in the attic hurts.

In Florida, I would prefer a light colored roof, and in Canada I would prefer a dark colored roof.

I think metal roofing manufacturers offer dark colors to sell more metal and compete with other manufacturers. They probably aren't real concerned about efficiency. They don't pay your utility bills. A metal roof usually cost more than other types of roofs. If you can afford to buy a Mercedes with a large engine, why ask the salesman what kind of gas mileage it gets?

I would choose a color that looks best with the color of your siding. A color that is in contrast with the siding will probably look best. Don't try to match the roof color to the siding color. Green looks good on a log home. I don't like red, but it would look ok with a light colored stucco siding. There are many colors to choose from. Get some large panel samples (16 inches wide and 3 feet long). Lay them on the roof and stand out in the yard and look. Lay one against the siding and look at a distance.

Good Luck,
The suns energy is divided into UV, Visible and Infared rays. The UV rays account for around 5%. The next is the visible rays are about 25% of the rays which provide colour. A white roof can reflect up to 65% of the visible rays where a black roof does around 10%. There are now reflective pigments available in some systems that can boost the darker colours up to 25-35%.
The last and the biggest item is the Infared rays which make up the majority. A good quality paint system no matter what the colour will emit 80-85% of the heat.
Providing you are building the home to cde then you must ventilate and this will take any heat out that was transferred in. Build the house correctly and in Florida put on a white roof and in the North I would stay in the median range and up but it really does not matter as much.
My preferred system is to set the metal on 1-1/12" strapping and ventilate the air space along with ventilating the attis and colour will not impact it as much however if you are trying to squeeze every bit of efficiency out put on white but it does create a dull world. Hope this helps.


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